I have dreamed of an epic gathering of the tribes like the Surrender.

I have longed for a place where Jesus followers can come together from around the globe to learn from each other, to listen to those on the margins, and to wait for the voice of the Spirit.  But social justice, incarnational mission, and radical discipleship are not born from abstraction. You can't just market a big event with celebrity speakers and expect something transformative to happen.

What makes Surrender so astonishing and wonderful? What allows such
diverse groups to come together in reconciliation and renewal? This is a gathering born from years of friendship and conviviality. It is an event where diverse relationships of love and care, of prayerful listening and faithful presence have been fostered over the course of time. When new people like me come to this event, they are invited to join in with groups from every walk of life as they practice friendship led by the Spirit's grace. It is a life-changing miracle - it is called the family of God.

Paul Sparks
— Co-founding Director of the Parish Collective and
Co-author of The New Parish